How our family of Sisterhood began…

“Our family was birthed in 2013 in Boise, Idaho, with a dream, a vision, and 12 of us at Olive Garden….. a night that is engrained in my heart and soul forever”

Jena Harris Founder

“A Dream and inspiration”
For many years, I felt a calling deep within my soul to bring women together as sisters, because that's what we are. To inspire a conscious shift for women and nurture a sacred soul sisterhood tribe where women of all walks of faith, culture, ethnicity, and age come together. Joining together to empower, uplift, pray, and inspire one another no matter what their beliefs are, and cheering them on every step of the way. If anyone asks me what my religion is, I say my religion is love. It's what I wrote my thesis on and I still feel the same way today. I see how religion has segregated my brothers and sisters, and that is one of my biggest messages! 

Sisterhood Connections was created and birthed from the love of my mom and my daughter. Creating that bond of love for women who may not get that in their family or current situation, or maybe they do and just want to be surrounded with positive like-minded women. This isn’t just another sisterhood group; it’s truly a movement, a 'new kind of sisterhood'. Sisterhood Connections brings women together as Soul Sisters from all over the world to unite, to ignite, and to empower one another. This is a global movement to transform the way women engage with one another, supporting one another while inspiring us all to live a Purpose Driven Life. Sharing our powerful stories of tragedy to triumph is empowering and transforming women to step boldly into who they were created to be. 

We have spent thousands of years dominating with the masculine energy, though power, force, and control. It is my belief that our world at this time is in need of the sacred soul sisterhood, and divine feminine energy for our planet, restoring balance and harmony.  I believe this truth is something profound that many women right now feel in the instinctual depth of the cells in their body. Many women in this time are feeling called to 'do something more', and many don't know what that is or what that looks like. There are many women's groups, networks, and tribes, yet there is not another Sisterhood Connections, she is so unique on her own. It's truly the incredible and remarkable women that we have in this tribe that make Sisterhood Connections what it is. You will feel loved, honored, valued, and supported in your path to living and fulfilling a Purpose Driven Life.

My inspiration has always been to nurture a safe place where our heart-centered sisterly bond is so powerful that everyone feels safe no matter where she is on her journey. A place for every woman to feel accepted regardless of her beliefs, culture, race, or age. Every woman is special and each offers something very unique to the world. We believe that "we sisters" are not in competition, even if we do similar work, we are uniquely and divinely created and the world needs us to show up and rock the wonder women we are! The universe is abundant, and there is enough for everyone to thrive! This is the energy and vibration I personally hold and infuse into our Sisterhood beginning from day one. Sharing and supporting each other’s work and message is our culture. We are peeling away the old layers of lack conditioning and transforming jealousy into benevolence, while rocking conscious change for others who want to play! Wouldn't you say it’s time for a new shift in consciousness with women's relationships?

“Taking action collectively”

We became an official non-profit in 2016 and shortly after is when I met and co-partnered as CEO with Raj Anderson, a British Born indian from the U.K. As soon as we met we noticed our common passion for creating conscious change. We both come from two very different backgrounds, upbringings, beliefs, and from opposite parts of the world, and what better way to walk the walk and talk the talk? I do know in my heart this relationship was Divinely orchestrated with a plan for my own personal growth and the future expansion of Sisterhood Connections. 

From the moment we came together, we worked as an incredible, loving, and supportive team, as we embraced each of our strengths. We both believe that 'empowered women empower women'. Raj and I made our partnership official in August 2016, within that time we took conscious action and created a big wave! 

“The Sisterhood Circle of Light Peace Blessing was born”

One evening in 2016 I woke with something so powerful on my heart I couldn't sleep. I picked up a pen and began writing. I didn't even know what I was writing, I just felt God's love and energy moving my pen. The words coming out made tears flow down my face. As I looked at them it felt as though it was some sort of a prayer of sorts. This is when The Sisterhood Circle of Light Peace Blessing was born. I never edited the original words that flowed from me that night as I feel they were given to me for this movement. After that day we began to incorporate The Sisterhood Circle of Light Peace Blessing in the beginning of all that we do in Sisterhood Connections. It helps us to honor our sister code to one another with respect, dignity, support, and love while outpouring the collective energy to our world.

“SEA and The Sisterhood Collective emerged”

In December 2017 is when SEA was born, (Sisterhood Empowerment Academy), and in 2017 we rocked the lives of many soulpreneurs and women in business! Raj and I both have a very different style and we were able to demonstrate how its possible to bring our strengths together synergistically, and convey to our tribe and the world how two powerful women can come together from very different styles and backgrounds. Revealing how we supported and honored each other, embraced our differences as we often referred to ourselves as the yin and yang, working together in the most magical way. If you were blessed to be in any of our conscious prosperity masterminds, you know exactly what I am referring to and were able to experience our magical synergy!  

In 2017 not only did Raj and I birth and create SEA, we also launched an idea that I had been dreaming of for many years, called The Sisterhood Collective. The collective energy of women visionaries, mentors, coaches, teachers, trainers, consultants, and leaders sharing their infinite wisdom to transform the lives of women around the world. Each of our Sisterhood Collective Contributors offering bite-size sessions in our fast paced world for our sisters in every walk of life no matter where they are at in their journey, there is something in there for them. Raj and I were able to begin this movement and get the momentum started for the future collective work with our leaders. I look forward to where God will guide The Sisterhood Collective and the lives that will be transformed. 

In late 2017, it was a sad and mutual agreement of both Raj and myself that we had served and satisfied the purpose of our union in taking Sisterhood Connections to the next level. It was a mutually painful decision we both made recognizing we could not hold each other back from the dreams we each have, as they were to take separate paths. We both knew and believed that this was the best decision for everyone involved. It was not an easy decision to end SEA, yet we both know that lives were transformed and changed in the one year with the journey we took our members on together. So much personal and professional growth for me personally that God made possible from 2013-2107 that I am so deeply grateful for. I can't believe today as I write this the journey in a short few years. 

'Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be' is a book I that wrote that was also birthed in 2017 after 3 years of working with our soul sisters. What a HUGE YEAR 2017 WAS FOR ME! The book came rather quickly and spontaneously while partnering with Transformation TV, another global transformation network with a like-minded and similar vision. While writing this book I experienced some profound shifts in my life and I also experienced deep soul searching. This is when I discovered a deeper meaning to my highest purpose with my gift for seeing the best version of a person. I realized that I have a deep passion to help others live a more meaningful and purpose driven life and that also includes creating a purpose driven business for those soulpreneurs who have a passion for heart-centered work. 

“The Purpose Driven Life & The Purpose Driven Soulpreneur”

In January of 2018, I birthed and am currently creating and working with heart-centered women and men in business who I refer to as soulpreneurs called The Purpose Driven Soulpreneur Program. I am so very excited for the future and continue to open my heart to allow God to flow through and bring the men and women who will be in the next generation of brothers and sisters. Yes, the brotherhood I believe is coming......

The Soul Sisterhood….  

“Individually we are a wave in the ocean, collectively we are an entire sea of dreams.”

Conscious change begins with me.
Conscious change begins with you.
Conscious change begins with we.

It is my deepest prayer that as you connect to our tribe that the love that we have infused in it shines a mirror to your soul to illuminate the brilliant, amazing, and unique woman that you are. 

It is my deepest hope that this energy inspires you to believe in yourself more than you ever have in your life from today forward. That you see how powerful beyond measure that you truly are and believe this to the core of you. Please stop trying to change yourself, and accept you in your unique brilliance that only you can be, just as God created you. 

It is my deepest inspiration that the consciousness offered in this collection of wisdom from our soul sisters offers transformation to you on a cellular level; to enable you to keep reaching for your infinite potential. Remember to always look forward and never look back. If Cinderella had gone back for her shoe, she wouldn’t have become a princess.

One woman, one city, one county, and one dream at a time. Because my dream matters, and so does yours.

I have been deeply changed and transformed from the women in this tribe, and I hope that you feel the energy, love, and connection for your life as well. For this I am forever changed and deeply grateful.

Love begins and ends with me. 
Love begins and ends with you. 
Love begins and ends with we. 

Welcome to my heart,

Welcome to my life,

Welcome to my world,

Welcome to my universe,

BE Blissfully Empowered to live your Purpose Driven Life Soul Sister and lifetime friend,

With love from my heart to yours!

Jena Harris, please call me 'Je' soul sister and friend,

~ Jena Harris

United, we stand together for conscious change. There is no one to blame, and no one to shame. What can we do today? What can we do tomorrow? The answer is LOVE, unconditional love. We were created from love and desire to return to love. Our internal quest is to find peace within the storm, and rise together for a larger purpose of love. This is done deliberately with intention, inspiration, and compassion to make our world a better place for our future generations. This kind of conscious change doesn't involve fighting, blaming, arguing, or focusing on the brokenness. It is about focusing on how we as individuals can bring our brilliance for the harmony of a peaceful life, not perfect but peaceful. The loving things that we can do individually, serving one another, and growing the compassion every day will create a ripple effect across the sea of dreams. We can’t fight darkness with darkness, we must illuminate light inside of the darkness. We do this by the way we love and support our fellow sisters and brothers, and by the way we live our life every day with our children. We practice kindness, compassion, and love and this is what we model and teach to our children. As individuals, we can do great things, but when we come together as one with love, we are capable of massive transformational change for future generations. It takes that one spark of light to ignite the light in another soul that will radiate throughout. 

© Jena Harris Made with love for great people