Jena Harris is a spiritual transformation teacher, women’s empowerment visionary, and best selling author. 

Jena is the founder of Sisterhood Connections, where she loves to connect, empower, and inspire her tribe of women from all around the world. She holds a Master’s in Arts and Metaphysical Studies and spent twenty-two years in Corporate America, working around the U.S. In 2009 she started her Company Blissfully Empowered and then in 2013 founded and started Sisterhood Connections. In 2014 she left her Corporate position to pursue her dreams of connecting soul sisters for a 'new kind of sisterhood' and awakening sisters and brothers to their purpose driven life & business. 

Jena is also the author of three published books, the best selling "Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be",  "44 Days Returning To Love" and "Manifest Your Power Partner".  Jena is a Reiki Master and a skilled expert in homeopathic modalities of human healing and wellness with studies in christ centered healing, matrix energetics, healing touch and metaphysical studies. Jena has taken her depth of knowledge that she received in her years as a senior manager helping companies with productivity, profit, employee relations and structure and combined it with the work she is currently doing with sisters and brothers in business, who she calls 'soulpreneurs', and companies looking to expand wellness within their organization.

A note from Je...

I consider myself a Life Changer, because I have a gift of connecting to your Highest purpose and I love to help you connect to it. I have hundreds of happy clients from all over the world that I have all been able to assist with transformational change in their lives and business. 

I offer a very unique way to assist you to get the results you are looking for. With the combination of my studies, degrees, and certifications in metaphysics, energy healing, and God given gifts, I use them together in a unique way in group healing and transformation sessions, soul purpose sessions, and individual clients (limited appointments for individual sessions).  

I believe that anything that you want in your life is possible when you understand your patterns and what your energy tells the world right now. I am here to help you reach your highest and most purposeful life that you can possibly dream at this point. Whether you are looking to align to your highest purpose, focusing on your personal growth, career, improved relationships, manifesting your power partner, or living a more blissfully empowered life, it's my passion to help you create and pave your path to align to it. I will help you understand your direction more clearly while helping you live from your heart where all of the miracles happen!

I specialize in working with healers, light workers, and coaches, who I call 'Soulpreneurs' by helping raise their vibration, align to passion, purpose, and confidence. I assist in expanding their consciousness so they can do their good work! I am passionate about helping others step into their authentic self and strip away the old programming. 

I work with you, by your side, to help you discover where you have limited yourself based on thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that no longer serve you and help you navigate to create new ones that are in alignment with what you want in your life using my own special recipe of special recipe of Shift~Align~Transform© Techniques.

Are you ready to change your patterns, manifest your dreams, and totally transform your life? If the answer is yes, AWESOME! Let's get started, I can't wait! Fill out the application below to get started!

Your Soul Sister,

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