Jena Harris is a spiritual transformation teacher, women’s empowerment visionary, and best selling author. 

Jena is the founder of Sisterhood Connections, where she loves to connect, empower, and inspire her tribe of women from all around the world. She holds a Master’s in Arts and Metaphysical Studies and spent twenty-two years in Corporate America, working around the U.S. In 2009 she started her Company Blissfully Empowered and then in 2013 founded and started Sisterhood Connections. In 2014 she left her Corporate position to pursue her dreams of connecting soul sisters for a 'new kind of sisterhood' and awakening sisters and brothers to their purpose driven life & business. 

Jena is also the author of three published books, the best selling "Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be",  "44 Days Returning To Love" and "Manifest Your Power Partner".  Jena is a Reiki Master and a skilled expert in homeopathic modalities of human healing and wellness with studies in christ centered healing, matrix energetics, healing touch and metaphysical studies. Jena has taken her depth of knowledge that she received in her years as a senior manager helping companies with productivity, profit, employee relations and structure and combined it with the work she is currently doing with sisters and brothers in business, who she calls 'soulpreneurs', and companies looking to expand wellness within their organization.



Maricela Ríos is an intuitive and transformational leader, co-collaborator in empowering women and families, ignitor for helping people find their passion and purpose, and inspirational published e-book author "Single Parenting: You are not alone". Maricela Ríos is an Entrepreneur of Dream 2 BE centered on holistic healing approach through Reiki, Laughter Yoga, and empowering people through their dreams.

​Maricela is a mother of a precious Angel named Alexander who is her teacher, inspiration, and together they are growing and learning about life through laughter, and being in the moment. Maricela received her bachelor’s degree (Business Administration) from DeVry University and her master’s degree (Pastoral Ministry, concentration in Hispanic Ministry) from Boston College, Massachusetts; and currently resides in Boise, Idaho. Maricela has an array of experience including work in non-profit, legal field, federal government, post-secondary education, small business, and national corporations. She has been blessed to work with people from various backgrounds, skills and talents and has learned from all those she encounters.

Maricela loves and appreciates Sisterhood Connections because of the beautiful bond that is being co-created as a Tribe of women who care for one another regardless of one’s situation. She is inspired to see the constant affirmation, empowerment, loving support and transformation that is taking place in the Sacred Space of Sisterhood Connections.  Women’s Empowerment is close to Maricela’s heart because she has personally witnessed the positive and fruitful outcomes of bonding together as women. She recognizes that women forget to recognize their own light, gifts and love and wants to help change that paradigm and collectively help women find peace, love, acceptance and freedom. She holds deep respect for all the women of generations that have come before her and for all those that are in the present moment trying to make a difference in their communities.



Megan Michelle Ellis is a Metatronia Therapy Master Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister, Intuitive Artist and Divine Alchemist.  Megan was born and raised in New Jersey.  She studied Exercise Science and Sports Management with a Minor in Nutrition from the University of Dayton and currently lives on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio with her incredible husband, Brandon.

 Megan is heart centered entrepreneur known as the Divine Alchemist and also Director of Transformation with Sisterhood Connections. Her expertise includes working through various modalities to assist women in the remembrance of their true divine nature (Referred to as one’s Soul expression) in ways that catapults them to living fully in their authentic radiance. Megan facilitates transformation to one’s authentic radiance by creating sacred spaces while connecting to the Angelic realm to communicate with one’s Divine Counsel (a team of various Angels, Guides and one’s Higher Self). 

 Megans work engages in the transformation through various creative modalities: Intuitive artwork, grid work, oil-gemstone blends, Angelic insights and energy/light work.  Every piece created, word spoken and energy/light session experienced is an opportunity for one to further integrate with your Soul and enable you to be free, to flourish and to thrive.

 Megan loves the intimate, confidential and inspiring sanctuary provided by Sisterhood Connections to connect with like-minded women looking to provoke change in themselves and live from the heart.  It is incredibly important to Megan that she ‘walk the talk’ of being an Empowered Woman by Empowering other women through support, love and respect.

Megan is passionate about Sisterhood Connections mission and is honored and privileged to contribute and co-create as part of the vision to transform millions of women worldwide.



Carlyn Hagler, the Creative Connector, is an expert in her field at leading others to be courageous, embrace their true value, connect with self-love and find their unique hidden treasures.  With over 25 years of experience working in the mental health field as victim advocate, crisis counselor and director of a forensic treatment program, Carlyn displays an enormous amount of compassion sharing creativity as a tool on the journey of healing.

After being told she could not pursue her dreams to attend art school, she put away her markers for over 30 years, until 2012, when she was given an opportunity to illustrate the book Wings for A Day by Amy L. Reed.  This opportunity rekindled her love for drawing and painting and she began her new journey of seeking out her purpose by nurturing her own creativity. Carlyn became a certified Creativity Fit Coach, opened her home studio named the Doodle Den and began coaching others to connect to their true self by exploring through the creative process.

Carlyn inspires others to step out courageously in their journey to discover their unique hidden treasures by painting and creating on the canvas. 

In addition to 1:1 sessions, Carlyn has led a wide variety of paint groups ranging from mother-daughter sessions, family groups or larger workshops such as women’s church groups and fundraisers.  Carlyn also coaches painting sessions several times a week at a rehabilitation detox facility inspiring hurting individuals to discover their true value. 

Carlyn believes that Women's empowerment is important because there is a need to allow women to break free from any past that has molded them.  There is more to a woman then being a mom, wife, significant other, friend, boss or co-worker.  "Freedom to Be".






Born in Connecticut and raised in West Virginia, Theresa graduated from Marshall University in 1979 with a BBA degree in Marketing.  She spent most of her career in management positions - starting as an assistant buyer for a large retail store; manager of a department in a large law firm; apartment manager in a Tampa FL complex and as the position of Manager of Membership for the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce in Cincinnati OH and Vice President of Membership for the St. Louis MO Chamber of Commerce; overseeing the development of new programs, sales staff and volunteers.   Theresa has served on the boards of the National Association of Membership Development and the Ohio River Valley Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation where she oversaw volunteers and taught classes.   For the past 17 years she been the co-owner and vice president of a wholesale business with her husband, Rudd & Associates; working with companies nationally and internationally.  She is a certified Bible study teacher with Precept International and has been the Bible Study Coordinator at a church in the Women's Ministries. 

Theresa is passionate about community and empowering women, she led our weekly Sisterhood Circle of Light global session every Sunday from March 2016-October 2016. Theresa’s passion is to mentor and minister to women. Helping women to walk by truth and light in their lives so they can be there person they were meant to be and live the life they were meant to live. She immediately felt drawn to be a part of Sisterhood Connections when she was first introduced to the community. Theresa feels Sisterhood Connections is her next chapter in life and everything she has learned, taught or done is to be used to help others walk the path she has already traveled.

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