When women are heard, seen, and feel safe then transformation can take place. We change the world not by reaching the masses, but inspiring one woman, one soul, at a time. 

We believe that our world needs women, together in unity, in sisterhood, sharing our compassion, courage and heart-centered service in our communities. Together our synergies have an amplified impact on our world and our future generations. When we heal our own life, we heal the lives of many.  

In these powerful Soul Sister Circles you will feel the power of connecting your heart in the meditation with women around the world, sharing in compassion, strength, courage and love. Science has shown when a mass of people gather together in meditation the results are undeniably incredible. (Click here for more information on the science experiments with meditation)

Because 'Empowered Women Empower Women'

The Soul Sister Circle is a completely FREE membership that offers a weekly virtual sisterhood circle gathering where we connect, collaborate, share, meditate, and where healing, releasing, expansion, and soul reconnection takes place.  This is perfect for any woman or teen 16 and up who desire support from soul sisters for confidence, self-love, and connection. You can join these audio sessions from the comfort of your own home through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, it's super easy!

What is included in the monthly membership?

Weekly virtual 30 minute Soul Sister Circle group session. These sessions are done through audio and you can easily join from your phone or computer for free (we will offer some in person group sessions that you are free to join and from time to time these sessions may be a pre-recorded meditation to help with your personal expansion)
♥ A sacred and safe space to share and release your biggest challenges
♥ A sisterhood of collaborative support and love that can be felt and received
♥ Connecting to your divine feminine energy
What is the investment for the membership?
Would you believe this is ABSOLUTELY FREE! All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer to join these sessions! 
 If you are interested in a deeper dive into your personal transformation, please check out The Sisterhood Collective Membership HERE (you can upgrade at anytime!)


Join below by choosing Soul Sister Circle

The process is in 3 simple steps!

1. You will be directed to go through an application process to fill out.

2. You will receive an email and be given a temporary password and link to change your temporary password

3. You will be brought to your profile page and Members Area that will have the calendar for the next live Soul Sister Circle sessions with the access!

Yes, really it is that simple!

Enjoy the love that is infused in The Soul Sister Circle made with love especially for you!

 If you are interested in a deeper dive into your personal transformation, please check out The Soul Collective Membership HERE, or simply sign up below

(Remember, you can upgrade at anytime!)

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