Soulfood Sundays is a weekly virtual devotion and prayer session with Jena Harris. These are uniquely expressed, where Jena brings a message for the week that is designed to help you build and create (sometimes re-build) healthy relationships, hit the reset button for the next week, set your intentions, connect with God to stay on path with your purpose, while helping you with applicable life skills to help you release stress and build your faith. 

-This weekly 20-30 minute call is at 6pm PST/8pm CST

-These sessions are available three ways, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, or INSTAGRAM

-A sacred and safe space to ask for guidance for your biggest challenges with answers, all sent via email so it's anonymous and discreet (click here to submit your prayer request)

-Prayer and peace blessing for healing for our planet

Every Sunday 8pm CST/6pm PST

Three ways to join live:

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Replay Sessions:

November 25 Replay

If you find yourself always trying to.....

November 18 Replay

Supporting Loved Ones

November 11 Replay

Spiritual Warfare Signs

November 4 Replay

Everything on purpose for a purpose

October 28 Replay

Emotion is energy in motion

October 21 Replay

A label is a belief in tiny writing

October 14 Replay

Trust yourself and don't forget GRACE...

October 7 Replay

Do you talk yourself out of things?

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