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I love interacting with the amazing women in this group! Everyone genuinely cares about the members regardless of where they live and what their circumstances are. The Sunday prayers are specifically unique to this group. God bless you ladies!!

~Emma M.

Beautiful beings that collectively bring us their stories...we live with them and through each and every one we learn something about ourselves and our sphere of influences. Although I do not know most, I am thankful for the warmth in their heart and souls that they share with us every day! 

~April L.

I love this group it helps me get through my tough days and not so tough days, It brings so much positive into my life. Everyone makes me feel like I can get through anything that I face. I also love to pray for anyone who needs it.

~Patti W.

I love this group. I get so much support from these women. I can actually feel the positive vibrations. I feel like I'm becoming a better person because of all these women. It also gives me the chance to stop and pray every day for whoever needs prayers. This is a great place to be.

~Maren O.

Love this group where you can confide in other women to be there for you in times of need and lift you up on bad days and if you feel called upon whether it be by God, or however you feel, to help others during their hard times you can also do that here. No judgement, everyone who needs this in their life is welcome.

~Hallie M.

Sisterhood Connections is awesome, the women who run the group are very good at giving support and I love the positivity of the group. Seeing the post really brightens my day and I love the sunday evening Circle of Light calls.

~Maria M.

If someone would have told me when I joined Sisterhood Connections, that I would be blessed beyond my wildest dreams I would have been VERY skeptical. And they would have been right. I no longer have to wish for the ole' school days to find quality friendships. The playground in Sisterhood Connections has allowed me to make heartfelt friendships. I no longer have to wish someone cared or would pray for me in bad times. Without any hesitation the sisters in Sisterhood Connections jump to dry my eyes and pray for me. I love all the sisters in the Sisterhood Connections to the moon and back!

~Theresa R.


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