Virtual distant session from the comfort of your home, via phone or computer!

 This is a powerful 60-minute distant healing and transformation session.


Are you ready to move out of struggle and into your best life?

Open and balance the physical, emotional and energetic systems of your body. Your experiences, thoughts, and feelings affect the energy flows in your body how you live life. In this powerful session you will experience a deep 'energetic massage' designed too release physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages.  You will receive high frequency energy to balance the flow of energy in your body, brain and energy fields to produce a greater state of balance, positive emotions, energy and vitality. 

Restoring harmony in self while expanding more joy and happiness. Trusting in yourself means to restore the faith that you are exactly right where you are 'supposed' to be. When you trust in what you perceive, know, and receive you will develop a deep sense of self-confidence, self-value, and ultimately creating more space for joy and happiness to flow into your life. Moving to unconditional love, unconditional acceptance and forgiveness, embracing the abundance as you are in the state of non-resistance. 

Upgrade from 'manifesting' to deliberately creating your happy life. Moving into the zero point, harnessing what is available to you and move out of your 'head' and into your 'heart' where true flow and expansion happen. You find that you no longer 'manifest', and instead you realize you have much more power than you ever believed possible!

A powerful Triality Energy Session like you have never experienced before. The number three is a sacred number, and in this powerful triality session you will receive the powerful energy from God/Source energy and the energy of two Master level healers. The sacred knowledge of three is in the world around us. To name a few: Past, Present, and Future. Body, Mind, and Spirit. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. (The trinity) Son, father, the holy spirit. Conscious, Unconscious, and the Superconscious Mind. The number three signifies completeness or finality. 

'Things are not always as they seem to be'

~Michael Dake

Physical Detox~Release stored trauma in your DNA and cellular memory 

Emotional Detox~Clear old blocked emotions, pain, and fear  

Mental Detox~Transform your limiting beliefs, karmic patterns and mental clarity 

Spiritual Detox~Align to your authenticity and purpose to RE-member 'who you were before the world told you who to be'

* Feel good in your body 

* Transform limiting patterns 

* Increase your energy

'Remind yourself daily that you cannot fail at being authentically you'

~Jena Harris

About the facilitators

Michael Dake

Master Alchemist & 

Energetic facilitator

Michael is an internationally known master level healer and alchemist. He worked as a Senior Buyer for a Fortune 500 Semi-conductor Company for 20 years and in mid-1999 he was awakened from as how he describes it, a “metaled” state of mind.  Michael was given a wonderful gift that allowed him to discover, implement and integrate a process he has created called Soul Flow Regeneration© and it re-created his world.  Eighteen years later and among other credentials held - Michael Dake is a Master Alchemist, Master Level Healing Facilitator, Reiki Master, and Soul Flow Regeneration Methods and Techniques Master.  He works with clients worldwide assisting them in facilitating the healing of their Souls and shifting them into their freedom, clarity, inspiration and creativity. The changes are very real and life altering.  In the last three years alone, Michael has rendered over 5,000 sessions, allowing his clients to shine and illuminate the world with their love and their light!

Jena Harris

Spiritual Teacher & 

Energetic facilitator

Jena is a spiritual transformation teacher, energetic healing facilitator, and best selling author. 

Jena is the founder of Sisterhood Connections, where she loves to connect, empower, and inspire her tribe of women from all around the world. She holds a Master’s in Arts and Metaphysical Studies and spent twenty-two years in Corporate America, working around the U.S. In 2009 she started her healing business Blissfully Empowered and then in 2013 founded and started Sisterhood Connections. In 2014 she left her Corporate position to pursue her dreams of connecting soul sisters for a 'new kind of sisterhood' and awakening sisters and brothers to their purpose driven life & business. 

Jena is also the author of three published books, the best selling "Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be",  "44 Days Returning To Love" and "Manifest Your Power Partner".  Jena is a Reiki Master and a skilled expert in homeopathic modalities of human healing and wellness with studies in christ centered healing, matrix energetics, healing touch and metaphysical studies. Jena has taken her depth of knowledge that she received in her years as a senior manager helping companies with productivity, profit, employee relations and structure and combined it with the work she is currently doing with sisters and brothers in business, who she calls 'soulpreneurs', and companies looking to expand wellness within their organization.

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